Program Details

Mindful Movements

with Nicki Noftz
October 16 / 5:30 PM - October 16 / 6:30 PM

Mindful Movements is a 7 week class, starting September 4 from 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm, that explores how to create a moving meditation, deepen our body awareness and free our minds and bodies.  We combine movements from Pilates, yoga and other mind-body fitness with breath to explore how our body moves and what mental blockages affect our movement.  We will start with a focus on breath and centering followed by exploration of movements and finish with a deep relaxation/meditation.  You will gain strength and flexibility as well as de-stress and be revitalized.  Mostly, you will gain a sense of feeling good in your own skin!  No prior movement experience needed.  Please bring a yoga or Pilates mat.

Our classes are offered for the suggested price of $10 per lesson (or whatever you can afford).  One hundred percent of the money goes to the BSMC Building Fund.

Nicki Noftz Bio

Nicki Noftz, owner of Soulnicity, is a Pilates instructor trained at The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO, currently teaching at Pilates on Highland and offering Reiki/energy healings at The Yoga Circle.  She has been practicing Pilates and yoga for 8 years with a gift for reading the physical and energetic body, building confidence in movement and communicating what it means to have body awareness.  She has worked with a variety of people including seniors, teens, injuries and athletes.  Her teaching style is all about exploration of your own body while making sure you are challenged in a healthy way to overcome physical and mental stresses without taking ourselves too seriously.     

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