Program Details

Joy In Everyday Life

with Joseph Fiala & Marian Judith Broadus
June 14 / 9:00 AM - June 15 / 1:00 PM

This program teaches us practical methods to develop ongoing kindness toward ourselves and others. By training in virtue and compassion, we cultivate a gentle and fearless heart. With discipline, we discover joy. This program explores the Mahayana Buddhist teachings, as well as the Shambhala dignity of Perky and its qualities of cheerfulness, health, and freedom from doubt.

This is the third course in our new core program, The Way of Shambhala, which provides a strong foundation in mindfulness-awareness meditation. This series is designed to be applied to the complexity of our daily lives, and to develop courage and sanity in these troubled times of uncertainty. The Way of Shambhala series offers a structured path of meditation and an introduction to all that Shambhala offers. It also offers a glimpse of the Shambhala vision of enlightened society by emphasizing the ways in which meditation can impact our daily lives, and from there how the sanity of meditation can expand to impact our whole society.

Participants are invited to dine out together on Saturday evening and there will be a reception to follow on Sunday.

Note: The prerequisite for this class is Meditation in Everyday Life or Contentment in Everyday Life.   The course is designed to complement Level III.

For planning purposes, please pre-register.  Payment may be made at a later date.  As always, our generosity policy applies to this program.

Please see for a map which may help you locate parking if necessary.

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