Program Details

Turning the Mind Into an Ally

with Barbara Hirschfeld & Anna Marie Ketelsen
September 16 / 7:00 PM - October 14 / 9:00 PM

Meditation is the way that we can make a direct and simple relationship with our experience.  It is possible to discover our basic nature and develop friendliness towards ourselves and others. As a result of practicing meditation we can discover how to live our lives in an uplifted and dignified way. The appreciation and warmth that arises from our practice can be extended into our world.

This program, based on the book Turning the Mind Into an Ally written by the Sakyong, is a thorough and practical introduction to mindfulness/awareness meditation practice. 

It is designed for new as well as seasoned practitioners and anyone who is interested in exploring the practice of meditation.

Guided instruction in shamatha/vipashyana meditation techniques, motivation, view and how to incorporate meditative discipline into one’s life will be included.  The simple and effective format introduces a 2,600-year-old wisdom that is fresh, up to date, and thoroughly applicable in today’s world.

Fee: $25 for 5 classes / $10 per single class

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