Program Details

Leadership Gathering with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche
September 26 / 7:30 PM - September 30 / 7:00 PM



All Shambhala leaders are warmly invited to be part of this gathering with the Sakyong to receive his teachings on leadership, and to engage in an open and honest dialogue about who we are as a community and what we want to offer to the world.

Together we are going to enter a container that will support an intensive conversation about how to manifest Shambhala vision in our centres and groups and beyond, inspired by the Sakyong’s recent teachings.


The success of our community will depend on what kind of culture we create . . . Ultimately, the greatest influence on us and the larger world is the social culture we are fostering. With a deep certainty in who we are, we can extend our confidence and joy to others, which allows us to connect more easily with them. This is the external manifestation of our mandala, where we can interface with the world by offering myriad programs that connect with other organizations, communities, businesses, and government agencies, enabling healthy and productive networking to occur. Such interface will foster the growth of a greater community of enlightened culture.

~Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Letter of the Morning Sun

The Sakyong will address us and lead us personally for two of the four days of this gathering. Together we will engage in one and a half days of facilitated exploration of what it means for all of us to engage with the Sakyong’s vision. We’re hoping to create an environment in which we as Shambhala leaders can have an honest dialogue about our inspiration and our understanding of the Sakyong’s vision, and also about the obstacles that we face. We will also practice Shambhala Meditation and celebrate a Shambhala Sadhana feast.

In line with the Sakyong’s emphasis on conversation, there will be relaxed, social time set aside to give leaders in similar areas and roles the opportunity to meet and exchange with each other.

Practical details:

  • Start: Thursday, 26 September at 19:30 h

  • End: Monday, 30 September at 19:00 h

  • Food: The participation fee includes lunch on each day, as well as small snacks in the afternoon. There will be a Shambhala Sadhana Feast during one afternoon. During dinner time, you are welcome to explore the restaurants in the vibrant neighborhood of the Kalapa Centre Cologne and meet with your sangha friends in smaller groups on your own.

  • Lodging: There will be a limited number of places to stay in local sangha households. These places will primarily be given to participants who will have difficulties to afford a hotel room. We encourage everyone who can afford to stay in a hostel or hotel to consult these websites for accommodation:

    Please book your hotel rooms soon. Other large events will happen in Cologne on that same weekend, and therefore there is a general shortage of rooms in the city.

There will be further updates during the weeks leading up to the gathering. We encourage you to regularly visit this website.

If you are planning to attend the leadership gathering, please register online as soon as possible. The link is provided at the bottom of this page.

Instructions about how to pay your participant fee can be found here:

If you have questions about your registration, please contact Gertrud Schmitz at the Shambhala Europe office:

Phone:      +49-221-310-2400

For more general questions about the gathering, please contact the local coordinator of the gathering, Ms. Gerlinde Pilgrimm, at

Important: If you are applying for the reduced price or the scholarship rate, please register before 18 August 2013. Please leave a  note in the comments field of your application briefly explaining your financial situation and your role in your centre or group. Based on the number of request we receive, we will determine if you are eligible for a reduction, and will let you know before 25 August.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you here in Cologne in September.

Yours in the Vision of Shambhala,

Christoph Schönherr
Kalapa Envoy to Europe

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