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Online Shambhala Meditation Training for all Guides, MIs, and ADs

August 10 / 12:00 PM - August 10 / 2:00 PM

Acharya Dale Asrael will be offering an online training for Shambhala Guides, Mediatation Instructors, and Assistant Directors on how we are now going to give intitial meditation instruction at our centres

"What we hear and feel the first time we are introduced to meditation plants a seed that informs our entire path. Therefore, giving initial meditation instruction can be a unique opportunity to communicate the heart of practice."

"At this time, in the process of expanding our understanding of how we in Shambhala can contribute to personal and societal awakening simultaneously, we are gradually shifting the way initial meditation instruction is given at our centers."

In this Shambhala Meditation Training session online, Acharya Asrael, Dean of Meditation Instructors, will demonstrate giving initial meditation instruction based on feeling and embodiment.

All Shambhala Guides, Meditation Instructors and Assistant Directors are invited and encouraged to attend this presentation on Saturday, August 10 at 1 pm Atlantic time.

with warm regards,

Jill Scott
Shambhala Office of Practice and Education

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