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Basic Goodness III: What is Real?

with Shelley Heinz
September 25 / 7:00 PM - October 30 / 9:00 PM

In general, the Basic Goodness Series is an introduction to the view of Shambhala, taught in an experiential way. The key difference between the Everyday Life classes and the Basic Goodness classes is that the Everyday Life Courses emphasize personal meaning. However, the Basic Goodness Courses are also very experiential and personal, and not just intellectual study.

What is real? Simply asking this question opens up a world of other questions: Who is asking? Is this question even relevant to my everyday life? What are the methods to answer such a question?  Our course will provide the space and community to explore our relationship with our world and our assumptions about what is real. Drawing on traditional Buddhist and Shambhala teachings and contemplative practices, we will systematically explore the world around us, our perceptions, and our sense of meaning. Though we may not “answer” the question, “What is Real?,” we will introduce many experiential methods to bring this question to life.

This course has prerequisites: Basic Goodness 1 or 2, or Level 1 or Contentment in Everyday Life

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