Program Details

Way of Shambhala: Fearlessness in Everyday Life

November 25 / 12:00 AM - November 25 / 12:00 AM

The Way of Shambhala is a practice and study path that presents the Shambhala Buddhist teachings and explores how we can apply them in everyday life. These two retreats may be taken separately, or for qualified students, together as a single weeklong retreat. Participation fulfills a portion of the prerequisites for attending Sutrayana Seminary.

Fearlessness in Everyday Life

As the path continues, we learn to work with anxiety, so that we are not blocked by fear. Through an exploration of the traditional Buddhist teachings of mind and the nature of reality, we learn to see clearly. We dare to face life and death as they are. The meditator, open to uncertainty, goes beyond hope and fear.  The program will begin Monday evening at 7:30pm and end Thursday after lunch at 1:30

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