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Shambhala Teacher Enrichment: “The Enemies of the Four Directions”

with Janet Solyntjes
September 7 / 1:30 PM - September 7 / 4:30 PM

For Shambhala Teachers only

This is the first in a series of Teacher Enrichment sessions, which will be led by Shastris in the Rocky Mountain Shambhala region. Each gathering will focus on a different aspect of study or teacher development.

All teachers are invited and encouraged to attend these sessions, as they present the latest pedagogy and allow you to taste for yourself how newer students are being trained. Teachers are requested to contribute a donation for each session.

In this enrichment session we will read and contemplate a section from Tiger Lion Garuda Dragon Glory, the auto-commentary on the text of The Golden Sun of the Great East.  We will do a guided stroke practice, and also explore and discuss the ‘Enemies of the Four Directions’, the social forces which arise from fear, which are part of the study material for the second Basic Goodness course, How Can I Help? The Basic Goodness of Society.

All regional Shambhala teachers are invited! Please preregister by September 5th.

Suggested donation $15

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