Program Details

Shrineroom Training Part II: Gatekeeping and Hosting

September 15 / 12:00 PM - September 15 / 1:00 PM

The role of the gatekeeper is to provide a proper container that is conducive to sitting meditation. To facilitate this, the gatekeeper initiates a meditative atmosphere by signaling the start of the sitting session (through the use of the gong), and once the sitting session has begun, the gatekeeper controls the flow of traffic in and out of the shrine room.

The host is an ambassador of generosity at our open houses and community practice sessions. The host prepares simple food trays, makes sure the tea table is nicely prepared, and tidies up afterwards. At our center, the host has a very visible role of making newcomers feel at home. As part of that visibility, the host greets newcomers, invites them to receive meditation instruction, and provides tours of the center.

Whether this will be your first experience as a host or gatekeeper or you have already been trained and would like a brush up, this free training is open to everyone. Gatekeeping and Hosting roles are simple and easy to learn, and volunteering in this way is excellent way both to further one’s own practice and to provide the practice environment for others. Please join us!

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