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Youth weekend: Working with emotions

with Sarah Coleman
September 27 / 8:00 PM - September 29 / 6:00 PM

Buddhist meditation practice is known as the best means of taming our minds. In our instinctive desperation to escape the turmoil of our emotions, however, we sometimes misuse our meditation technique to subtly manipulate our minds. In the name of ‘letting go,’ we label our entire experience ‘just thinking,’ and try to leap out of the overwhelming chaos of our HEART feelings and take refuge in our clear and analytic HEADS. This essentially cynical approach cuts us off from our hearts as the source of passion, compassion and communication.

During this weekend, we will explore the confused and sometimes raw energy of our emotions. In particular, we will look at how we can shift the emphasis in our sitting practice from letting go to letting be.

The lectures will be given in English.
Since this is a "youth weekend", participants must be younger than 35 years.
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