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Book Group: Awake in the World by Michael Stone

November 1 / 3:30 PM - November 1 / 5:00 PM

How can we live a balanced life in unbalanced times? How can the practices of meditation and yoga support our relationships, our work lives, and the greater good?

Author Michael Stone is a yoga teacher, a teacher of Vipassana meditation, and a psychotherapist. The articles in his book, on subjects ranging from internal alignment to economics, are scholarly enough to spark smart discussion and poetic enough for a poignant late- summer read. He presents the essential insights of mindfulness and yoga, emphasizing the teachings of simplicity and the interdependence of all life.

Stone explains how we can become intimate with otherwise compartmentalized parts of our body through Yoga, and he shows how we can extend that wisdom as we become one with the unconscious mind through meditation and as we reconnect with parts of our world with which we have lost communication.  

His articles touch on and sometimes reinterpret ideas around the breath, death, biodiversity/cultural diversity, materialism, mindfulness, limits of language, form and freedom.

Michael Stone is founder of the Centre of Gravity Sangha in Toronto. The website includes dozens of really compelling pod casts, if anyone is interested in hearing him teach.

Just as yoga postures open the body, these essays open the mind, revealing in elegant lyrical prose, our unbreakable connection to every part of the ailing world.

Endorsement by Naomi Klein

Speaking from my own experience, Stone's articles lend a depth and a new relevancy to my physical yoga practice.  And they will likely be relevant to anyone who is interested in meditation and social action.

Adrianne Hogan, Book Group Leader

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Adrianne Hogan is our leader for this book group.

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