Program Details

Essential Heart of Kasungship Part 1

with Brian McCorkle
November 1 / 7:00 PM - November 3 / 6:00 PM

The Essential Heart of Kasungship Part I (EHOK-1) uses the writings of the Vidyadhara Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, and his secretary David Rome, to explore why the Dorje Kasung exists and what the view is of how they act. Special attention is focused on the 8 Slogans of the Dorje Kasung, written by the Vidyadhara. 

For the general public, this program serves as an introduction to this major stream of the Vidyadhara’s teaching and vision, and may be taken by the curious without any commitment to becoming a Kasung. For current members of the Dorje Kasung, it is the beginning of the formal Dorje Kasung training path. 

The Dorje Kasung are members of the Shambhala community devoted to extending their meditation practice to benefit others through action. The Dorje Kasung is modeled on the ancient tradition of dharma protectors. Since its founding over 25 years ago, the practice of Dorje Kasungship has been carefully developed as a path of meditation in action. Dorje Kasung are trained in creating a container for practitioners so that they can hear and practice the teachings.The Dorje Kasung protect the teacher who presents the teachings, the teachings themselves, and the community members who practice these teachings.

Dorje Kasung is a Tibetan term meaning indestructible (dorje) command (ka) protector (sung). Indestructible refers to the indestructibility of space - complete openness - that cannot be destroyed or defeated. Ka or Command refers to the teachings of Shambhala Buddhism. These teachings present the truth of things as they are and the possibility of establishing enlightened society. 

Pre-requisite: Shambhala Training Level II, or membership in your local Shambhala center.

Source materials include:

  • The Dorje Kasung Handbook, 2008 edition (distributed through Rusung Brian McCorkle, mccorkleATbuDOTcom) 

  • Shambhala: Sacred Path of the Warrior 

  • The Three Yanas of the Dorje Kasung (by David Rome), available online as a PDF file 

Pricing: The Friday night talk is free to everyone. The price for attending the weekend program is $35. There will be an additional amount requested for the mess (final celebration) Sunday night. That fee is TBD.

Brian McCorkle is the Rusung or commanding officer of the Dorje Kasung in Boston.  In addition to being a senior Kasung and senior student of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, he is a Shambhala Training director, authorized Meditation Instructor, and has a PhD in clinical psychology.

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