Program Details

Trident Regional Encampment

with Will Ryken
September 12 / 12:00 AM - September 15 / 12:00 AM

Encampment is a direct and heart-opening exploration of what it means and feels to be Dorje Kasung. Through delighting in clan spirit, engaging in drill practice, and connecting with the elements, we bring Kasungship into our bones, fall in love, and realize there's no other place we would rather be than at encampment. The intention of this Regional Encampment is to further strengthen the training and camaraderie of Kasung of Trident Region. What better way to celebrate a summer of campaigning than relaxing with your Kasung brothers and sisters?


The encampment will be 'up the hill' at the Nagarjuna retreat cabin site. We will sleep, eat, play, and practice there. You will receive a detailed letter about items you need to bring.



Encampment builds on the core trainings of Kasung education but there are no pre-requisites for attending. The only requirement is to be currently active as Kasung, and to bring your curiosity, good heart, and willingness to lean in.


Whether you are young or seasoned, if you have the encampment itch

it would be wonderful to see you.

If you have further questions, please contact

Please note that since this training will be held outdoors in an encampment-like setting, the only accommodations available will be shared tents at the rate of $10/night. We encourage you to bring your own tent, if possible. Therefore, $30 will be automatically added to the program fee upon registering. This makes the total costs either $150 (discounted) or $210 (full).  If you are bringing your own tent, the full price is $180 and the discounted price is $120. Please send questions about accomodations and pricing to Ashley - 


This program is currently at full capacity of 30, but we are accepting people for the waiting list.  If you are interested please email Ashley at
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