Program Details

Shrine Room Training

August 11 / 9:30 AM - August 11 / 12:30 PM

Part I:  Chanting, Timekeeping, and Shrine Room Decorum

Part II:  Drumming   (scheduled for Sunday, September 15)

The umdze is the time keeper and chant leader for sitting and walking meditation. They serve as a model for other practitioners in the shrine hall, providing an example of good posture and alert shamatha practice. Becoming a good umdze is a journey. 

To help overcome self-consciousness, umdzes learn the procedures thoroughly so they are not at a loss about what to do in the umdze's seat. This requires hands-on training: opening the shrine, using the gong, the gandi, etc. A general slogan for umdzes: Be mindful of all details. 

Whether this will be your first experience as an umdze or you have already been trained and would like a brush up, this free training is open to everyone who has practiced meditation for at least 6 months in the Shambhala tradition. The two sessions will provide progressive training in the role, but you are warmly welcome to attend one or the other if you are not able to make both. The level of training required to actually prepare someone to take on the role of umdze varies person to person. The facilitators of the session will work with you to determine whether further training would be helpful to prepare you for the role.

This is one of the most excellent ways to volunteer at the Shambhala Center as a practitioner, both to further ones own practice and to provide the practice environment for others. Please join us!

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