Program Details

Basic Goodness I

with Stephen Clarke
October 2 / 7:30 PM - November 6 / 9:00 PM

This is the first of a three-part journey through the basic view and understanding of the Shambhala world, presented in an outer and accessible way. The series is oriented towards universal questions, that have arisen in some form throughout human history, in most cultures and traditions. In this sense, the Basic Goodness series serves a larger purpose than introducing participants to the Shambhala and Buddhist worldviews: the courses are also designed to create learning communities where people of any background or interest could come together and reflect on their own experience and their world.


Basic Goodness I is open to everyone and designed to be meaningful to practitioners at all levels.


The Basic Goodness series replaces the WOS II courses (Karma, Lojong, etc.) and is intended to complement the In Everyday Life Classes (Meditation , Contentment, Joy, Fearlessness, and Wisdom) and Shambhala Training Levels. The Basic Good ness series will become a prerequisite for Enlightened Society Assembly and other advanced programs.

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