Program Details

Introduction To Contemplative Psychology

with Melissa Moore
August 17 / 9:00 AM - August 18 / 12:45 PM

Contemplative Psychology understands that our basic nature is healthy and that confusion and wisdom are inseparable energetic displays, and we can learn to turn our allegiance to sanity and wisdom in all life’s circumstance. Contemplative Psychology is built on the contemplative discipline of sitting meditation and a depth understanding of mind as the Buddha taught. Exchange is the basis of working with others from the perspective of contemplative psychology, and it is the basis of our inherent compassion.  This workshop will explore the experiential practice of exchanging self with others. Compassionate exchange is experienced directly through offering ourselves to others as a vehicle to presence the intrinsic sanity that is always there.


One doesn’t need experience in meditation or to be a practicing therapist for this course to be relevant. The workshop is designed to be open to everyone who wants to learn a contemplative approach to being skillful in working with others.


Acharya Melissa Moore   founded The Karuna Training in Europe in 1996: Karuna is a 3-year professional training in Contemplative Psychology, which has spread throughout Europe to 6 Countries.  Melissa is the founding Director of The Felton Institute in San Francisco since 2005. The Felton Institute is dedicated to raising the bar of community mental health services for the most marginalized populations suffering from severe and chronic mental illness.  Melissa has been a Shambhala Buddhist since 1979, and was a student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinposche and now is devoted to Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.  The Sakyong named Melissa Acharya in 2012.

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