Program Details

Kids First!!

with Iris Ramos
November 2 / 11:00 AM - November 2 / 11:30 AM

Austin Shambhala Meditation Center is delighted to introduce a new element of practice at Shambhala.  Once a month, as a special part of the regular Sunday Sit, we will be making children and their parents, grandparents or caregivers especially welcome to practice alongside the rest of the Sangha.  

Beginning at 11 AM, we will offer instruction on meditation and mindfulness for children.  The instruction is ideal for children ages 4-11.  Parents may choose to accompany their children for the instruction or parents may go to the main shrine room to meditate as best meets each family's needs.

Around 11:30, children will enter the Shrine room and join their parents and the rest of the Sangha in sitting.  Kids will be encouraged to meditate with their family and then to follow the chants. Depending on their ages, some will be getting up and leaving before the chants and some will struggle to sit quietly with their thoughts, just like the rest of us.


Please be prepared to join the instruction at 11 AM and consider staying for tea with the community at noon. 


And please tell your friends about this opportunity to practice with their kids!
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