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with John Rockwell
September 14 / 12:00 AM - September 14 / 12:00 AM

Ngondro talks (with Q&A) are offered online every other month. These talks can provide the required study component within a centre or group’s weekend Ngondro practice intensive.

Participation with your centre or group is recommended, however, individuals are also welcome to attend.

Ngöndro as Life

Ngöndro is not really a practice, but a transmission on how we live our life. We have many people who we love and do not love. In our relationships, there are many ups and downs, and we learn how to clean up our mistakes and forgive others. We have many activities whereby we enjoy richness and offer what gifts we have. Ultimately, we learn how to be, wherever we are. Ngöndro never ends, even in death.

Guided practice, short talk, discussion.

All ngöndros are welcome.

PREREQUISITE: Limited to Shambhala Vajrayana students.

REGISTRATION FEE: $20 per person. To inquire about our generosity policy, write to

A "heart gift" may be offered here.

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: A computer with a wired, high-speed internet connection. A webcam and/or microphone are receommended for live programs. See our Help page for additional information.

Please note: recordings are made over the internet. Their quality cannot be guaranteed.

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