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Public Talk: Music and the Six Worlds: the Fantastic Symphony of Berlioz.

with Yseult Gravel
October 24 / 7:00 PM - October 24 / 9:00 PM

Exploration of our psychological states through the Fantastic Symphony of H. Berlioz in which we go easily from one state of mind to the other. The talk will be in french.

Iseult Gravel has been practicing meditation for 15 years. She is completing her PhD in Philosophy of Sciences on «la philosophie relationnelle» which is a scientific and quantic adaptation of Madhyamika and Dzogchen schools of Buddhism. She dances regularly as a semi-professionnal dancer of classical ballet and has studied classical music and Art History since her childhood. For her meditation could be fundamentally simple: just listen to your heart (...and to music).

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