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Ikebana: The Way of Flowers

with Doria Cross
July 20 / 10:00 AM - July 20 / 3:00 PM

If you weren't able to get into this class and would like to attend a future Ikebana class, please contact Jackie Snyder

No pre-requisites – All are welcome.  This class is for beginners and experienced Ikebana practitioners.

Ikebana is the contemplative practice of flower arrangement in which simplicity is expressed with gentleness and elegance.  The word “Ikebana” means “give life to flowers”.  Although this art form originated in 11th century Japan, when flowers were presented in shrines and temples, it has become a contemporary expression of the profound sacredness in the world.  Much more than just arranging pretty flowers, this floral practice mirrors the sacredness in the mind of the arranger, in the arrangement, and in the experience of the observer.  Through this art form, the artist learns to train her perceptions, to open himself to the harmony and natural order of our world. 

Kalapa Ikebana, founded by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche in 1982 joins the practices of mindfulness and Ikebana.  In this workshop we will work with our state of mind as we engage in arranging flowers using the elements of heaven, earth, and human.  Training in this way helps us connect fully with our world with non-aggression and to express our heart and mind through flowers.

Please bring:  garden (floral) clippers or shears

                        a low container for an arrangement

                         kenzan (pin frog)

 Available for purchase at class:  scissors



Students may bring their arrangements home!

We will have a potluck lunch at the Center.  Please bring your favorite dish to share.

We would greatly appreciate your registering online before the class, so that we can anticipate class size for material preparation.  We will buy the flowers and have them at class.

Registration is confirmed by payment.  We accept payment plans, e.g. post-dated checks. If full payment is an obstacle, please contact the Head of Way of Shambhala, Jackie Snyder for other options. 

If you have the means to provide a full or partial scholarship for someone else to attend this program, your donation is welcomed.

If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Doria Gutierrez Cross



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