Program Details

Mindfulness Based Emotional Intelligence Prison Program

with Fleet Maull
October 20 / 10:00 AM - October 20 / 4:00 PM

As a former federal prisoner himself of 14 1/2 years and founder of the Prison Mindfulness Institute, Fleet Maull developed a Mindfulness Based Emotional Intelligence (MBEI) training program which is steeped in the Integral transformative Justice model.

In this training, you'll be introduced to the Path of Freedom curriculum which is being delivered in over 150 prisons across the world. This training will cover some of the key concepts from that curriculum, such as ways of avoiding drama in our lives, how we can be empowered to take responsibility for all that is showing up and making the necessary steps towards growing up and showing up as healthy adults in control of our actions, thoughts and lives - all of this will be delivered within the context becoming a trained facilitator, eventually leading this within prisons and jails. There will be an online Path of Freedom in both the Fall and Spring that could serve as a deeper intro or refresher. The webinar, which is offered 4 times a year, offers a much more extensive training, meeting 2x a week for 4 weeks depending on the season. The next one will begin in September 2013.

Please see the Path of Freedom website for more information:

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