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with Beth Latchis
July 20 / 9:00 AM - July 21 / 5:00 PM

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In this traditional Daoist Qigong program you will learn a series of simple, gentle, safe and effective foundational practices based on stretching, massaging, standing and lying. Practiced regularly, these forms will lead to improved health of muscles, tendons, joints and internal organs as well as increased flexibility and circulation of qi. You will come away with a sequence of forms that you can practice on your own and easily incorporate into your everyday life. In addition to the benefits of overall health, longevity and clarity of mind, these practices are particularly well-suited as a complement to the practice of sitting meditation.


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Beth Latchis was recently authorized by Dr. Eva Wong to teach her Doaist Qigong Levels 1 and 2. Beth has been practicing and studying Qigong with Dr. Wong for six years and is grateful for the opportunity to share these precious, health-enhancing practices with others.

Price:  $125.00
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