Program Details

Address to Meditation Instructors, Guides & ADs

with Dale Asrael
August 10 / 12:00 AM - August 10 / 12:00 AM

Shambhala Meditation Training

Giving Initial Meditation Instruction: Feeling and Embodiment


For Meditation Instructors, Shambhala Guides and Assistant Directors.

What we hear and feel the first time we are introduced to meditation plants a seed that informs our entire path. Therefore, giving initial meditation instruction can be a unique opportunity to communicate the heart of practice.

As human beings, how we feel about ourselves influences every aspect of how we live and shapes our future. Meditation can be a way to rediscover and directly contact our own inherent goodness as it arises in the immediacy of what we feel in each moment. If we feel confident about our fundamental worthiness, we can live in a way that expresses trust in human potential and possibilities.

At this time, in the process of expanding our understanding of how we in Shambhala can contribute to personal and societal awakening simultaneously, we are gradually shifting the way initial meditation instruction is given at our Centers. In this online presentation, Acharya Dale Asrael, Dean of Meditation Instructors, demonstrates giving initial meditation instruction based on feeling and embodiment.

This is relevant both for our work as meditation teachers, and in deepening our own practice. When our practice is, in even the most subtle way, an attempt to escape what we are feeling about ourselves, we can never relax. Instead, when we can experience and appreciate what we feel as the ground of practice, meditation allows us to open to the depth and vastness of our own being. 

PREREQUISITES: Authorization as a Meditation Instructor, Shambhala Guide or Assistant Director.

REGISTRATION FEE: $20 per person.

Participation with a Center or Group is recommended, however, individuals are also welcome to attend.

A "heart gift" may be offered here.

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: A computer with a wired, high-speed internet connection.

An audio recording of this presentation is available. Though the broadcast itself was fine, the video recording is poor quality. Adobe Connect tried to repair the recording several times, without success. We apologize for this inconvenience.

The documents Acharya Asrael mentions will be posted here as soon as possible. The Acharya also recorded responses (see below) to many other questions from participants that she wasn't able to answer during the live presentation. We will email all registrants when the remaining documents are posted.

NOTE: Recordings are made over the internet. Their quality cannot be guaranteed.

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