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Release and Reveal- Intuitive Astrology

with Deborah Young
October 25 / 5:00 PM - October 27 / 4:00 PM

You have figured out many things. You have solved this puzzle; resolved this or that conflict but you still feel stuck or frustrated or angry or empty or unfulfilled what is wrong? Nothing. 

Using the ancient tradition of Astrology, Deborah Young will take you on a radical ride through parts of your Sacred Map(Birth Chart). Focusing on both ancient and up-to-date teachings on the 'Nodes', Deborah will share information on how we get tripped up by habitual patterns of behaviour that are encoded in our 'South Node'. It is believed that this is an area where we have over developed certain characteristics from other lifetimes that we continue to act on this lifetime. We are seduced into these behaviours and keep returning back searching for answers and rewards. But here's the thing, they are not designed to work! Instead, these behaviours only serve to blunt our edges, drain our energy, dilute our passions and block our desired progress. Taking you forward to the treasures, strengths and miracles found in the 'North Node', Deborah will reveal how accessing the energies found here inspires you with the ease and confidence to move more smoothly through your own Sacred Tale..your life! You will gain a deeper understanding of what emotional patterns have acted as barriers to your capacity to live a more purposeful, heart-felt life. 

There are many potent, powerful energies in your Chart. If time allows we will explore trauma points and their meaning and yes, wisdom! Also an area of your life that I call,'Stolen Fire' will be discussed.

No prior knowledge of Astrology is required for this workshop .However, a bit of courage, curiosity and a sense of humour is a must! Some time will be set aside for more personal insights into your Birth Chart. Each participant will receive a copy of their Birth Chart and time will be set aside for additional insights. Deborah will offer a number of exercises, including a past-life regression to help..release and reveal.

Deborah was a weekly guest for several years on Global TV and has appeared numerous times on CBC, CTV and ATV. She also been a guest on various Radio shows and has been featured in a number of newspapers. She has lectured in Canada, US and Mexico. Deborah teaches classes on Astrology and offers a number of different themed workshops. She is excited to offer 'release and Reveal'. 

To read a recent Chronicle-Herald article about Deborah's work click here.

Please Note- New clients have a 14 month wait time to see Deborah. However anyone participating in this or any workshop or class has the option of a personal appointment within a month.

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