Program Details

Shambhala Principle discussion group

July 25 / 7:00 PM - July 25 / 8:30 PM

  Sakyong Mipham's book, "The Shambhala Principle," has just become available.  As the Sakyong says,

   "We humans have come to a crossroads in our history; we can either destroy the world or create a good future.  The Shambhala Principle offers the notion of basic goodness as a way of addressing the personal and social challenges that we face.  Do we, as humans, have confidence in the basic goodness of humanity, as well as society itself?  As a Tibetan lama and spiritual leader, I believe this is our most compelling global issue.  ... Basic goodness is a socially viable standard that could stabilize and transform our world.  ... Can we rouse the energy and confidence to create a good world that is founded on this principle?  I encourage you to join me in this contemplation."

   Join us for an ongoing potluck and discussion group on the book, each Thursday evening, begining July 11.  The current plan is to cover one chapter each week, although the plan may evolve based on participants' input.  Drop-ins are welcome at all gatherings, but pre-registration would be helpful to guage the interest.  The book is available at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon. 

   The gatherings will be free of charge, and are open to the public with no pre-requisites.

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