Program Details

Enlightened Society Salon

July 21 / 1:30 PM - July 21 / 3:00 PM

Creating Enlightened Society and the social impact of the teachings in The Shambhala Principle seems particularly urgent, as the Sakyong dedicates the book to humanity itself, and discusses the link between dharma practice and a wide variety of social fields, such as the arts, economics, ecology, western philosophy, education and more. He proposes the clear manifesto that global society must embrace the belief that humans are fundamentally decent and trustworthy if we are going to survive and thrive on this planet. This is what he calls the “Shambhala Principle”—that our basic goodness should be the guiding premise of life: of our personal lives, our family lives, and every social institution we share.

We offer an invitation to reflect on your own basic goodness and the basic goodness of society, and join us in discussions, contemplations and excerpts fromt he Creating Enlightened Society weekend talks.  For example, can we rouse our energy and confidence to create a good world that is founded on this principle?

We will use teachings from the Creating Enlightened Society weekend and also The Shambhala Principle book in our discussions.  The book will used to enhance our discussions, specific readings are not studied previous to a discussion.  Your thoughts and opinions are most welcome.


Tea and cookies will be served.

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