Program Details

Meditation Retreat (Weekthun) sponsored by Queer Dharma

with Alice Dan
August 2 / 5:00 PM - August 9 / 1:00 PM

The retreat includes daily meditation and yoga or qi gong practice, silence during the day, meditation interviews and group discussion. This program is good for both the complete novice and very experienced meditators. Basic and advanced meditation instruction will be given and individual interviews will take place throughout the week. Teacher and mediitation instructor Alice Dan will give a series of dharma talks. Each day after lunch there will be free time for silence or exploring nature. Some opportunities will be available for hiking, walking and swimming (depending on the weather) in this lovely region of Wisconsin adjacent to the Kettle Moraine State Forest.  People generally feel profoundly refreshed and recharged during and after the retreat.

There is enough light yoga and stretching throughout the day that meditators generally are not physically uncomfortable.  Starting Saturday morning there is silence from wake-up until closing chants.  Functional talking can take place during work shifts if needed and of course during group discussions.  People can speak if they like after closing chants.  In this way the can appreciate the silence without it feeling too heavy-handed

Meals will be primarily vegetarian, and practitioners are asked to help with food preparation or clean-up for one or more meals per day. One week of meditation will count toward Dathun requirements for those interested in participating in advanced Shambhala programs.

The cost includes all talks and instruction, all meals and basic accommodations in the bunkhouse, your own tent, or a triple room (if available). Those who register after July 20th will probably have to stay in the spacious bunkhouse or in a tent.  It is possible to upgrade accommodations on a first come-first served basis. Lodging preference is given to those attending the entire retreat. You may attend just a few days or the entire week.  It is optimal to start on the first day, but not mandatory.  Cost: Adult 1 week (7 days and 7 nights): $380 Adult per day: $55; Student 1 week (7 days and 7 nights) $210 Student per day; $30; Single Room: Add $30/day Double Room where you choose your roomate: Add $15/day/person. Lodging includes a few singles, some indoor rooms with multiple beds, a bunkhouse with a fair amount of privacy, and of course fields where you can pitch a tent.  For more information about the retreat center facilities, see Windhorse: and Bright Dawn:

Please register online and make a note of the days you will be attending. You must pay a $25 non-refundable registration deposit to complete your registration.  This non-refundable registration deposit is in addition to the the tuition above.  To reserve a single room upgrade or a shared room for a couple you must  make your request in a note.  Most payments will be made onsite.  When the registration says "Please pay with PayPal", click that button - there WILL be an option to pay with your credit card. Please feel free to contact Jon Feller at Ride-sharing will be organized the week before the retreat, so all will be able to get there.  It is not necessary to worry about your ride - it is not necessary to worry about anything.

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