Program Details

Creating a Personal Mandala

with Jane Ferguson
August 3 / 10:00 AM - August 28 / 12:00 PM

A mandala is a circular spiritual symbol representing the universe. It is used for meditation and contemplation. This workshop will apply the mandala motif as a vehicle for self-exploration and a graphic presentation of your life two years in the future. During the five-week class, the group will look at the mandala concept and its forms, as well as the four directions and seasons, the Five Buddha Families, the Four Dignities and other Tibetan Buddhist symbols and styles. Each week the class will address a topic, building insights and design choices. The result will be your own personal mandala to use in contemplation and awareness/mindfulness practice.

Fee: $35

Limited to 10 participants

Register:; the instructor will send you the address and directions.

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