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Miksang Photography

with Charlotte Brookes
September 14 / 9:00 AM - September 15 / 5:00 PM

Program ID# 138194;

What is Miksang?

Miksang is a Tibetan word that translates as "Good Eye". The Australasian MiksangSociety offers a number of programs, courses and events that present a form of contemplative photography. This school of contemplative photography brings together the art of photography and the Dharma Art teachings of the meditation master and scholar Chögyam Trungpa.

In contemplative photography we work with the synchronization of eye and mind. When eye and mind are in the same place the moment by moment vividness of the visual world manifests and is appreciated fully. This manifestation is spontaneous - a flash of perception - the ordinary magic of the phenomenal world. When we connect with pure perception there is no struggle in making a heartfelt and brilliant photographic image that we can share with others.

These moments of pure perception and appreciation happen all the time but we often ignore and devalue them. However, it is worthwhile using an art practice to recognize and cultivate these moments because they recollect the inherent openness and goodness of our being.

The Miksang Path of Perception and Photography

Although the experience of clear seeing is available to everyone, people come to contemplative photography with different motivations. Some want to give expression to what they experience through the discipline of meditation. Some have recognized some direct and vivid quality of perception in their own experience and want to explore and express that potential. Others have trained in photography or other arts and are curious about the contemplative approach. The common element is an interest in clear seeing.

The Miksang Society offers a path of perception and photography through a three level course of training. No photographic experience or knowledge is required. You do not need a background with meditation and we do not teach meditation as part of the training.

The three levels of training, based on Chögyam Trungpa's teaching on the three levels of perception, follow a traditional contemplative path of transforming confusion into wisdom. Often it seems that our inherent capacity for insight is obscured by preconceptions and habitual patterns. Each level and each class presents teachings and exercises which work through the obstacles to clear seeing by cultivating the purifying power our natural synchronisation and wisdom.

Level I: Looking: The Phenomenal World

The first level of training purifies our visual perception by working directly with the elements or forms of the visual field: color, light and form (texture, lines and patterns). In this level we also explore the "flash of perception" which discloses a direct presentation of the phenomenal world.

You don't need any previous experience as a photographer and you don't need a fancy camera. You are more than welcome to come with a "point and shoot". 

You do need to have a clean memory card and a fully charged camera battery, charger and USB or camera cable to upload images for viewing.

Work books will be provided. 

We may visit Chinatown as our first destination. But our day will begin at Michael Stanborough's home in Donvale. 

The Shambhala Miksang site is the Nalanda MiksangInternational site.

Really looking forward to seeing you.

Please contact Michael Stanborough if you would like further information. Email - or Phone - 0438 884 967

Miksang teacher; Charlotte (Chuckie) Brookes 

comes to us from Lismore NSW.

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