Program Details

Dialogue Group

November 21 / 7:00 PM - November 21 / 8:30 PM

Here is one short quote from Sakyong Mipham; "... we have to become beacons and see the possibilities for our communities, so please engage in conversation and dialogue about what we are doing at a personal and community level. Can we be that daring community to take that leap and step? Will something happen if we gather? It is challenging - we are talking about things at a cosmic level and the decisions we make begin to have a ripple effect - if we are decisive, can we create this human thread?"

Our Dialogue Group is the place to discuss any topic whether it is as spacious as the Sakyong's vision, or as specific as what's going on in our own sangha's area. The discussion will be led by Judith Broadus, Director of Societal Health & Well-Being for our Center.

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