Program Details

The Nine Stages of Resting the Mind

with Blake Halwa
June 6 / 7:00 PM - August 22 / 9:00 PM

The Nine Stages of Resting the Mind

This eleven-week program will explore the nine stages of resting the mind as presented in the traditional Buddhist teachings. It is designed to help meditators deepen their understanding of shamatha (i.e., peaceful abiding or mindfulness) practice as well as appreciate the mind’s inherent qualities of stability, clarity and strength.

The role that awareness and contemplation practice play in the meditative journey will also be discussed as they relate to the development of shamatha.

This program will not simply be a series of talks: rather, the emphasis is on practising and observing each stage of resting. Participants will be called upon to share their experience and understanding so that each stage is thoroughly explored as a group.

Sometimes referred to as the nine stages of training the mind, these stages are a map of the meditative process:

  1. Placement

  2. Continual Placement

  3. Repeated Placement

  4. Close Placement

  5. Taming

  6. Pacifying

  7. Thoroughly Pacifying

  8. One-Pointed

  9. Equanimity

The program is appropriate for new and experienced meditators. However, participants should have made some connection to establishing a regular meditation practice.


  • Participants should be prepared to maintain some degree of daily practice during the program in order to benefit from the investigations and study.

  • Participants who miss a class due to previous obligations or vacation plans should be prepared to “catch up” by reading and contemplating the material missed before the next class.

Please bring a journal and pen to capture insights, questions or experiences.

If you have any further questions, please email Blake Halwa directly.

$100 suggested donation. Generosity Policy applies: Please feel free to offer what you can if the suggested donation is beyond your financial means at present.

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