Program Details

Outer War, Inner Peace: A Mindfulness Retreat for Veterans and their Families

with Paul Kendel & Margot Neuman & Gary Allen & Bayard Cobb
August 1 / 5:00 PM - August 4 / 12:00 PM

Too often the traumatic experiences of combat can rage on as an inner war upon the return home. While the external conflict may have ended, the internal conflict continues, taking its toll on personal health, well-being and relationships. The practice of mindfulness can cultivate gentleness towards ourselves and others and a sense of inner peace.

Designed for veterans and their families, this retreat includes talks, discussion, and introduction to a variety of mindfulness practices, including gentle and powerful healing work with horses. We will create a safe and intimate setting in which to share and learn from one another, and have the option for one-on-one meetings. The goal of the retreat is to offer a transformative experience and return home with concrete ways to integrate the benefits of mindfulness into daily life.

About Medicine Horse Program:
Medicine Horse Program collaborates with Veteran’s Peace of Mind Project in the Fearless Victory program to help veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by providing mindfulness meditation techniques and equine-assisted psychotherapy as tools for dealing with trauma.

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