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Comedy Performance

May 29 / 6:30 PM - May 29 / 7:00 PM

“Ordinarily, people have the idea that humor means you must be laughing at somebody behind their back, or that you think everything is corny and funny and doesn’t make any sense. There is immense aggression in that; such humor is crude and resentful. But genuine humor is some kind of delight. We begin to learn something about how reality works, not by studying scholastically but by perceiving how humor exists within the cosmic world. With that kind of humor, we begin to see through the separateness of me and others, others and me.” -Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

True spiritual laughter arises out of abundance, plentitude and contentment.  The Laughing Buddha is based on an actual wandering Chinese monk who lived at the time of the Liang Dynasy (907-923 AD.)  He shared laughter by giving sweets to children and rice to adults.  He was a patron for the weak and poor and symbolizes good luck, contentment and abundance. 

Another form of laughter is incorporated into Buddhism from the Zen tradition.  It arises by observing life's illusions, absurdities and impermanant nature.  Many Zen sayings and stories are illustrations of wisdom and laughter. 

Hindu traditions also respect laughter as a bond between individual and infinite by inventing the term "Laughter Yoga," which is a practical way to unite with God.

Sandesh Naik, an Albany Shambhala Member, will offer a short performance of comedy based on some of these principles on May 29 at the Community Meeting/Potluck from 6-8pm.

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