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The Mindís Play: Meditation, Contemplative Arts, and the Creative Life

with Lance Brunner
July 11 / 7:00 PM - July 11 / 9:00 PM

The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.”  –Carl Jung

The human mind is inherently creative—constantly trying to make sense of the world, both to survive and to thrive.  We tell ourselves stories and then believe them, whether they conform to reality or not.  It is easy for our narratives to solidify and keep us trapped in a play of sorts of our own making.  Through meditation and the practice of contemplative arts we can take a more playful approach to the habitual patterns in our lives, to see through the stories and make room for new ones that can help to free us.  A powerful and direct way to come back to the present moment and the possibility of new stories is through the body, by surrendering and opening up to our sense perceptions.  In this way the arts become a path of awakening.

This talk offers an introduction and invitation to include more play in our practice and or lives.  Let us play!

Lance Brunner has been teaching at Shambhala Centers for twenty years.  He offers a range of programs involving the contemplative arts, as well as Shambhala Training levels. He is a professor of music history at the University of Kentucky.

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