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Awakening unconditional love

with Aine Marron
July 14 / 9:00 AM - July 14 / 4:30 PM

The ability to love ourselves is one of the foundations of the spiritual path, since it is from this place we realise how to love others. In this day of meditation we will cultivate our ability to receive unconditional love with the intention of  offering it to others.

The essence of love has been showered upon us since birth, by family and friends and the myriads of others we have long since forgotten. Come and learn to remember the people who have loved you, and about the nature of unconditional love: the type of love that doesn't care what someone has thought or done but simply wishes you deep well-being and joy.

"Most of us spend our day in a continual contemplation about how we can help ourselves. With the lions discipline and delight, we learn to flip that contemplation inside out: contemplating how to be helpful and to opens our hearts and our horizons." Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

Venue: Level 6, 11 York St, Sydney, Training Room 13

Pre-requisites: None - the day is open to all

What to bring:  We ask you to bring a photo of someone by whom you have felt loved.  It could be a pet, a teacher from school or anyone.  It would also be helpful to bring a photo or symbol of a spiritual benefactor - someone who is a force of love- past or present. This benefactor can be known personally to you or not. It could be a mentor, teacher or even be Buddha, Jesus or Mohammed.  Two photos would be good - but are not essential. More than two is allowed.

BYO lunch, as we won’t be going out for lunch in order to maintain the energy.

Aine Marron is an experienced meditation instructor and a student of both Pema Chodron and Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, the current leader of Shambhala International. She founded the Shambhala centre in Melbourne and is now regional director of Shambhala Australia and New Zealand.


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