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Midsummer Day Community Picnic at Five Mile Creek

June 22 / 9:00 AM - June 22 / 4:00 PM

By popular demand, we are celebrating Midsummer Day at Five Mile Creek in Brookside, Alabama, where we can picnic, hike, canoe and more!

WHEN: Saturday, June 22, 9 am – 4 pm

WHERE: Five Mile Creek, Brookside, Alabama

FOOD:  Drinks and disposable plates, etc., provided by BSMC

BYO FOOD - pot luck!!


  • We will be able to rent kayaks and canoes, and can bring food (there is a pavilion with a grill), 2 miles of walking paths.  There are reasonable rental fees for both canoes and kayaks, (about $25 – 30 per canoe and $20 - 25 per kayak if we rent more than 3 each), life jackets for all.

  • Bring a musical instrument if you are inclined – let’s jam!

  • There are also campsites with showers if any of y'all are interested in adding an overnight stay!


For more information about Five Mile Creek, visit the Brookside Recreation webite and click on the various links.

For specific information about canoe and kayaks, see the Five Mile Creek Canoe Company page.

For general information about the Midsummer Day celebration, contact Tonya Veitch ( or 205-532-4077) or Marion Buckley ( or 205-908-5405).

Please REGISTER below to give us an idea of how many people are coming.

Sponsored by the BSMC Arts and Culture Group

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