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Way of Nature

with John McQuade
July 27 / 9:00 AM - July 28 / 5:00 PM

In this program, we explore through the practice and study of Haiku Poetry and Miksang Contemplative Photography what the Way/ways of Nature might be.

Using a formal practice to engage with the world helps us to open up with precision, so that we can become clear about what our relationship with the world is. Exploring flowers for their flower nature, instead of just for their beauty or function for us; engaging with landscape and its manifestations of space; finding the open moments between knowing and letting ourselves write or shoot from that place.

This is a beginners program and also suitable to those who have practiced either Miksang or Haiku before. Because the view of the program – to connect with Nature and see its Way through precise connection with our perceptions – is so unique, participants will find something of interest regardless of their relationship to writing, photography or Nature.

Participants should bring a camera – point and shoot is fine, as well as DSLR’s; camera phones will not suffice – and writing materials. Everyone should also dress for the weather – a large part of this program will be outdoors – and if they have one, a laptop and any connecting cables for their computer and camera.

John McQuade is co-founder of Miksang Contemplative Photography. He teaches Miksang and Haiku internationally, and can be found at


The Shambhala Meditation Center of Madison encourages program participants to pay what they can afford. People whose financial situation limits their ability to pay may contribute to the extent they are able. No one will be turned away for lack of payment.

Individuals who are not able to pay the full program fee should pre-register for programs online and indicate their request in the "notes" section provided.  It is not necessary to provide an explanation. Individuals may also request that the program coordinator contact them personally.

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