Program Details

Ikebana: The Japanese Art of Flower Arranging Workshop

with Alexandra Shenpen
May 31 / 9:30 AM - May 31 / 5:00 PM

“Basic goodness is like a flower arrangement, which has its own contrast and its own togetherness. It is completely together, at the same time both inviting and fearless. Such a flower arrangement is a product of basic goodness, if I may say so. It hangs together. There is no premeditation; it just comes along on the spot – basic goodness.” –Chogyam Trungpa, True Perception
As a contemplative practice, Kado brings a deeper understanding of ourselves and our relationship to the natural world.  Our state of mind and sense perceptions come together energetically with the flowers, water, containers and space in the creative process.  Alexandra also will lead exercises on perception, energy and relating with nature to help us find joy, harmony and authentic expression in creating arrangements.
Alexandra MacKay Shenpen, Ph.D., Sensei, is a  Shambhala/dharma art teacher, immersed in the contemplative arts of brush and flowers.  She has been an ikebana/kado instructor for 15 years. A  Buddhist practitioner since 1978, Alexandra has taught at Naropa University since 1987 and has led many month-long retreats and shorter intensives in North America and Austria. Alexandra is a  mindfulness-based psychotherapist in private practice since 1985.

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