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Walk Like A Buddha: Even When Your Boss Sucks, Your Ex Is Torturing You, and You're Hungover Again

with Lodro Rinzler
November 9 / 10:00 AM - November 9 / 5:00 PM

This program has been cancelled for low registration, but we plan on having Lodro back at a better time! Email us with any questions:

Join 30-year old Shambhala Buddhist practitioner Lodro Rinzler for a frank discussion about Buddhism and how meditation can inform all the nitty-gritty aspects of our daily life. His second book, Walk Like a Buddha, introduces the concept that mindfulness and compassion are the tools to apply when going out with friends on a Friday night, when your love life isn't what you'd hope it'd be, your jerk of a boss is giving you a hard time, and you really want to create lasting societal change in the world.

If you consider yourself spiritual but not religious, if you are disillusioned by the state of the world, if you are sick of your job (and just started last Tuesday), and if you like drinking beer and having sex and hate being preached at, this is the event for you. This is Buddhism presented to a generation leaving the safe growth spurts of college and entering a turbulent and uncertain workforce. This is a new way to bring our meditation practice off the meditation cushion, creating the change we want to see in the world.

Lodro Rinzler is a teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage and the author of the books The Buddha Walks Into A Bar and Walk Like a Buddha. Over the last decade he has taught numerous workshops at meditation centers and college campuses throughout North America. Lodro's column, What Would Sid Do, appears regularly on the Huffington Post and he is frequently featured in Reality Sandwich, the Interdependence Project, Shambhala Sun, Buddhadarma, and Good Men Project. He is the founder of an authentic leadership training and job placement organization, and lives in Brooklyn with his dog Tillie and his cat Justin Bieber.

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