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Film Night: Shugendō Now

May 10 / 7:00 PM - May 10 / 10:00 PM

The Victoria Shambhala Centre’s Touching the Earth group is pleased to present this screening of the film Shugendō Now at 7:00 PM followed by discussion and a Skype interview with the director, Jean-Marc Abela.

Everyone is welcome. A donation of $5.00 is suggested.

Experiences in undisturbed natural settings can evoke feelings of wellbeing that serve as important reminders of one’s inner nature. However, the complexity and demands of modern life can create a deep sense of separation between self and the world. Nowhere is this dualistic split more evident than our current state of social and ecological discord.

Since time immemorial traditional cultures from across the globe have maintained harmony through a shared understanding of interdependence and direct awareness of the living energies and intelligence in nature. Contemporary society must rediscover its place in the great web of life. It is not enough to protest or recycle; a fundamental change in perception is needed.

Shugendō Now documents the search for inner truth through the practices of Japanese mountain asceticism. Shugendō or “The Way of Acquiring Power,” draws on shamanism, Shintō, Taoism, and Tantric Buddhism to understand humanities deep connection to the natural world.

This documentary follows the journey of ordinary Japanese city dwellers in their yearly quest for insight, purification and revitalization during arduous climbs in sacred mountains. More poetic than analytical, Shugendō Now explores the possibility of integrating an awareness of the sacred in contemporary society. With intimate camera work and evocative sound design the viewer is taken from deep within the lush Kumano mountains to the concrete canyon’s of Ōsaka and Tokyo and back again.

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