Program Details

Teen Retreat: Creating a Culture of Goodness

with Geoff Cox
October 4 / 12:00 AM - October 6 / 12:00 AM

At the heart of the Shambhala teachings is the understanding that every person is fundamentally good. This weekend will explore our everyday experiences of fundamental goodness and what it might look like to lead our lives from this basic principle.  Together we will create a culture of goodness that will encourage our innate qualities of kindness, wisdom, inner strength and joy to emerge.

With meditation as our anchor and childlike curiosity as our guide, we will explore practices that will take us into our bodies, into the natural world and into the aliveness of human connection.  We will conclude the weekend by asking ourselves, "what would it look like if we approach our life from a place of inherent wisdom and sanity?" We will explore topics like relationships and friendships, family life, sports, the arts, and school from this angle - and together, see what wisdom and insights arise!

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