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Ramona Falls Drala Meditation Hike

October 5 / 9:00 AM - October 5 / 5:00 PM

  (Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

"By relaxing the mind, you can reconnect with that primordial, original ground, which is completely pure and simple.  Out of that, through the medium of your perceptions, you can discover magic, or drala."  

-Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche


Join us for a Drala Hike near Mt Hood to glorious Ramona Falls. We will combine hiking with meditation and will be observing noble silence.

Bring water, lunch, hiking clothes appropriate for October Mt. Hood weather, rain gear, gas money for the driver, and a kneeling pad or something else to sit on for occasional stops for sitting or meditation. Be prepared for any kind of weather, it gets colder near the falls.


Hike difficulty: Moderate (approx 1000 ft elevation gain over 7.5 miles). There are some steep sections of the trail so bring good hiking boots or other supportive footwear.


Meeting time: 9:00 am 

Meeting location: Portland Shambhala Center

Return time: 5:00 pm, approximate

Total drive time: 3 hours

Hike leader: Alice Price


Drala hikes are open to the public. No dogs, please - For questions about this or other things, please contact Liz Howell, Drala Hike Coordinator.  Until it is possible to replace contact links in our new website, please contact Liz Howell by emailing the Shambhala Center at  Please allow time for the message to be relayed.



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