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Diversity in Shambhala: Community as Path

April 23 / 6:00 PM - April 23 / 8:00 PM

Enlightened society is “not an attempt to highlight a culture’s positive
aspects and ignore the negative. Rather, the totality is illuminated. Thus by
definition, an enlightened society has the ability to comprehend the full
spectrum of human activity.” — Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

Diversity in Shambhala: The Community as Path Project is a 6 week series of short videos by senior teachers in Shambhala discussing diverstiy, followed by discussion groups.  You are invited to join us in an environment where people of all backgrounds can explore their personal experience of diversity with others in a container of loving kindness. The goal is to increase curiosity and caring in our sangha.  From this place of curiosity and caring we can genuinely invite more diversity into Shambhala. 

This will be a six week series on Tuesday nights from 6-8pm.  Each evening begins with short videos, which are talks offered by senior teachers in Shambhala designed to stimulate discussion and build a sense of community.  Following the short video, we will have group discussions.

The six talks are:

  • April 23: From Basic Goodness of Self to Basic Goodness of Society: Exploring Diversity Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown

  • April 30: Balance for Families and Children in Shambhala – Acharya David Schneider

  • May 7: Cultivating Mindfulness and Wisdom: Growing Older in Shambhala – Acharya Emily Bower

  • May 14: Engaging Youth and Social Transformation – Acharya Noel McLellan

  • May 21: Accessibility, Disability and the Shambhala Path – Acharya Dan Hessey

  • May 28: Touching the Earth: Environment and Sustainability in Shambhala – Sir Martin Janowitz

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