Program Details

Ikebana Practice

May 24 / 5:00 PM - May 24 / 7:30 PM

What abundance and generosity surrounds us!

EmojiLet me know if you will join us for our visit to the Japanese Gardens
April 6th at 10am. We are arranging carpools. For more info: There is talk about brunch afterwards.

Emoji schedule for the next 3 months of practice is as follows:

April 5, 9:30am Elizabeth
April 12, 9:30am Jan and Amy
April 18, 7pm Kim
April 26, 9:30am Danni

May 2-3 ? Weekthun at Center
May 10, 9:30am Danni and Nic
May 17, 9:30am Amy
May 24, 5:00pm Anne
May 31, 2:30pm Elizabeth

June 7, 9:30am Danni and Nic
June 14, 2:30 pm Elizabeth
June 21, 9:30 am Jan, Nic and Amy
June 28, 4:30pm Anne and Candace

Look for this schedule to be on the Center calendar. Updates and changes will
be made early in the week of practice. All are welcome to join. Please let me or the
"lead" know if you will join them at least 24 hours in advance of their practice time.

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