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with Steve Clorfeine
May 25 / 10:00 AM - May 25 / 5:00 PM

In this workshop we’ll explore the continuum and connections between sitting meditation, awareness practices, and the activity of ‘being and doing’ – presence, receptivity and action.

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Instructor Steve Clorfeine’s Brief bio:

Steve Clorfeine has been a student of meditation for the past 40
years, mainly in the Tibetan Buddhist and Shambhala traditions. As a
member of the Shambhala community and the formative Naropa University
community, his practice has included formal training in the Vajrayana
path of Tibetan tradition, in the Shambhala teachings and practices
associated with it, and in the traditional arts and contemplative arts
practices, particularly contemplative movement, T’ai Chi, theater and
writing. He has been trained as a meditation instructor, as a director
of Shambhala Training, and as a contemplative arts practice director. 

In teaching arts based courses and workshops since 1973, he has
incorporated a contemplative approach, often including sitting and
walking meditation practice and drawing on my studies in T’ai Chi and
‘dharma art’ principles on perception and mindfulness-awareness.
Through the forms of improvisation and ‘deep play’ he has been able to
present techniques that draw people closer to their creative strengths
and awaken their healthy resistances.


The class will run 10am-5 pm.  The cost of the workshop is $30.  

Please contact Virginia Fisher at (518) 961 2894 if you have any questions.  

The location is the Dance Studio at the Upton Center on Russel Sage campus.

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