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Family Camp

with Roger Guest
August 3 / 12:00 AM - August 11 / 12:00 AM

Family Camp is a magical week for parents and children to spend together with old friends and new in the beautiful rolling green hills of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom at Karmê Chöling.

Watch the YouTube video entitled 'Buddha Camp'. By: Katie Frank

Family Camp is a program that mixes meditation practice, fun activities, outdoor time, and lots more. For parents, the morning is a time for meditation practice. Meditation instruction is given on our first morning together. There are morning talks, with discussion, given by our Family Camp Teacher in Residence, with a focus on mindful parenting. New practitioners have the opportunity to meet with a meditation instructor. There will also be spaces dedicated for practitioners to do their personal practice in a group setting during the morning session.

Children are in a morning program from 9:15-12:15, grouped by age: Tigers (3-5), Lions (6-7), Garudas (8-10), Dragons (11-12), and Explorers of the Phenomenal World (13-18). Activities are varied and often include crafts projects, time outdoors, hikes in the woods, group games, songs and music. The Rites of Passage program, the heart of Family Camp, will be offered again this year for children ages 8 and 10 as well. This week long program includes bow and arrow making, bow and arrow practice, calligraphy, poetry writing, and exploring the land. It culminates in a ceremony marking the passage from early childhood into the greater independence of late childhood. All morning programs are taught by our dedicated adult staff and teen counselors.

Afternoons are dedicated to family time, with both structured and spontaneous activities at Karmê Chöling and the surrounding area. There are many mountain lakes nearby to enjoy. Evenings include a relaxed dinner together, laughter and play on the front lawn, and supervised campfires. Songs and stories by the campfire are part of the tradition. You'll find days are both spacious and quite full.

Rates are as follows:

Adult: $435 per adult. Children: $220 per child for the first two children of the family and $110 for each additional child (beyond the first two). No other discounts apply to children in this discounted category. Otherwise, income discounts apply and additional scholarships are available for those in need. For more information, click here.

All meals and one family-sized tent on a platform are included in the cost of the program. You may put in a request for a second tent using the registration form. Karmê Chöling can offer second tents, if available, at a cost of $20 per night. You may also bring your own tent. A limited number of private rooms are available at an additional cost. Please contact us if you're interested in a private room. Advance reservations required.

If you have any questions, contact Donna Stephens at 908-431-9617

Click here to download the release waiver for parents who will not be at Family Camp (child must be over 15 and a surrogate parent must be designated).

To download a 2013 Family Camp Counselor Application, please click here.

To download a Rites of Passage Letter, please click here.

To download a What to Bring to Family Camp Letter 2013, please click here.

We have closed registration for the moment, as we are nearing capacity for Family Camp.  Please email to be put on a waiting list.  Please list your name and the number of people attending in your family.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.  Thank you




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