Program Details

Qigong Level 6

with Eva Wong
September 18 / 12:00 AM - September 22 / 12:00 AM

In this program the student will begin a heightened training in circulating internal energy according to seasonal changes and through specific channels in the body. The following qigong systems will be taught:

1. Outer qigong forms from Wudangshan - The Dragon-Tiger Frolics, a rigorous physical form of qigong designed to align energetic channels and energy centers.

2. Inner qigong forms from Xiantianwujimen - Chen Xiyi’s Twenty-four Seasonal qigong, a form of qigong that tunes the body’s energy to the seasons and builds immunization to seasonal health hazards.

3. Hand gesture-based inner qigong forms Xiantianwujimen that are designed to direct energy through the body in through specific channels.

4. Inner qigong from Wudangshan - The Wudangshan Seven Star Stances, a form of qigong that is designed to open deep circulatory pathways.

Participants must bring the text “The Tao of Health, Longevity, and Immortality” to the program and letter of admission to the program.

Arrival and Departure Information

The program begins September 18th at 7:30 with an evening talk, all participants must attend.  The program will end at 6:30pm September 22nd.

Pleaes call the front desk if you would like to stay the evening of the 22nd and depart on September 23rd at 802.633.2384.

No participant is admitted without permission.

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