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with Barbara Märtens & Sabine Putze & Evelin Ebinger
August 2 / 6:00 PM - August 8 / 12:00 PM

Program is canceled - the other possibility to participate in Mudra will be in Poland in Spring 2014

Mudra Space Awareness Practice
Mudra is a physical training designed by Trungpa Rinpoche as a practice for working skillfully with space and with other people. We can experience reality fully and precisely only when we meet space on its own terms.
Mudra exercises are designed so that Western students, living under the pressures of performance and every day life, can meet these challenges with body, speech and mind. Mudra training will heighten sensitivity to the interplay of form and space and develop  awareness and  skills of communication.

Maitri Space Awareness Practice
This practice, also developed by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, is based on the traditional Buddhist teachings of the five buddha families and other elements of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism. In this practice we look more closely into the patterns of energy arising in space, both in their sane and confused ways.

Bringing both practices together in one program gives us the opportunity to see the intermingling quality of energy and space, how this manifests in our daily life and how to see this continuum with appreciation and clarity.


Acharya Barbara Märtens: is trained in Art&Cultural Education, contemplative psychology and Zen-arts. She is an experienced Buddhist and Shambhala practitioner and has taught for some years in many European countries.
She lives in Hamburg.

Sabine Putze - physician, long term Mudra, Buddhist and Shambhala student, counsellor, Mudra teacher. She lives in Vien.

Eveline Ebinger - physiatrist, Buddhist, Mudra teacher. She lives in Bräunlingen-Bruggen, Germany

August 2nd, 6.00 pm 
Departure: August 8th,

Place: the program will take place in Gadom about 80km from Szczecin in Poland, in a charming 19th century mansion surrounded by a beautiful park and lake. This magical place offers open wood fires in the downstairs rooms, and each bedroom or dormitory has its own individual bathroom. This place guarantees the participants an excellent retreat atmosphere.

Costs: the program's price before 1st June is 210 Euro, after 1st June is 260 Euro, including accommodation, 3 meals a day and teaching costs.

To confirm registration you should transfer prepayment 50 Euro untill 1st July.

Shambhala Poland account:

Ośrodek Misyjny Szambala Polska,
Ul. Slaska 8/4
71-432 Szczecin, Poland
Bank:                 Nordea Bank Polska S.A. Oddział Szczecin
IBAN:                 PL 50 1440 1143 0000 0000 0467 8327    
SWIFT  code:      NDEA PLP2

Access: At present Berlin (180 km from Szczecin) is now easily accessible via several discount airlines:,, and There are now also daily budget flights from London (Stansted) to Szczecin with Ryanair. Upon request the organizers will provide the participants a shuttle bus service from Berlin to Szczecin for 25 Euro one way and from Szczecin to Gadom for 7 Euro one way. It's possible to travel by bus to Szczecin:

Shambhala Poland,
Martyna Graczyk,

tel. +48 660 162 060 (English)

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