Program Details

Sunday morning coffee and talk: Balance for families and children

May 5 / 10:00 AM - May 5 / 12:00 PM

We will begin with meditation, view the talk online at 10:45, followed by coffee/tea/snacks and a group discussion. This is a chance for us to explore questions such as these:

  • Like our bank accounts, is there a finite pool of resources that need to be considered in balancing our lives?  Does balance necessarily mean equal weight?

  • How does the culture of Shambhala cultivate balance or imbalance...for us individually, and for our sangha?

  • What are some things that upset balance in your life?  Is there a pattern/habitual tendency around these disruptions?

  • In what ways can our local Shambhala community improve in creating a welcoming environment for practice and gathering of families and children?

There is no cost for this program although donations are always gratefully accepted.

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