Program Details

Shambhala Teacher's Gathering - A Program for Teacher Development

with Chuck Whetsell & Brett Ferrigan
August 16 / 6:00 PM - August 18 / 4:00 PM

Just as we can use meditation, contemplation, or kasungship as vehicles on our journey, so too can teaching be viewed as an opportunity to tread the path of awakening.  Rather than thinking of teacher development solely as the acquisition of knowledge and skills, this seminar will approach teacher development as a fundamental transformative journey in which we seek to embody and manifest the qualities of the Shambhala dharma.

The teaching path has two aspects: 

  • what we leave behind is klesha;

  • what we adopt is unconditional sanity.

As potential Shambhala teachers, we begin to see teaching as path - removing one's own obstacles to become a better conduit for the Shambhala dharma.This program will engage us in *experiential exercises and *sharing feedback.  These twin processes guide the "Warrior Teacher" – we choose the vehicle of teaching as a practice of awakening. The development of one's teaching acumen can be fueled by

  1. skillful means;

  2. self-reflection & inquiry;

  3. and unveiling unconditional basic goodness in others and ourselves.

Prerequities are any of the following:  Graduate of Level V Shambhala Training / Shambhala Guide Training / Assistant Director Training / Meditation Instructor Training / Director Training.

We hope to accommodate every participant with a PBS hosting sangha member; we are securing a group rate for hotels/motels as well. Please contact the Coordinator, Stephen Perme, for questions or for more information at 561-398-8989   Email: or

Tuition includes breakfast, lunch and tea:
Members' tuition $128
Non-members' tuition $141

+Material Fee $25

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